Introducing PowerChef, a revolutionary grill with the performance of gas and the simplicity, safety and precision of electric!
evensear. Active Heat Technology
Active dual element (patent pending) sears while it cooks by heating food directly.

The upper searing element (stainless steel cooking surface) reaches 650° F to lock in flavor and juices.
The lower cooking element simultaneously provides precise, even heat.

Innovative Flip-up Element for Rotisserie Cooking

Flip up the dual element to convert it to a rotisserie element – this feature eliminates flare-ups, meaning perfectly cooked, juicy roasts every time.

Just Plug It In!
Simply plugs into a standard 120V outlet.
Exclusive Control Technology** (patent pending)
With a few easy steps the electronic controls produce perfect cooking results every time without any guess work. Select manual control to cook the old-fashioned way or create a custom program to simplify favorite meals.

Program Mode
Program the type of food, thickness and how well to cook the food. The control chimes when it's time to flip and time to serve, and in case of no response, automatically reduces to low.

Manual Mode
Select heat output manually for precise control.

Favorite Mode
Enter a custom program for a favorite food.

Keypad Lock
Convenient keypad lock prevents children from adjusting the controls.
**Eleclusive Control Technology is not available on the Convertible Electric Grill CBQ Manual or PowerChef Table Top PBQ Metro.