Electric fireplace inserts come in a variety of sizes and are produced by a number of different manufacturers.

However, despite styling varieties, all electric fireplace inserts have common characteristics that give them a significant advantage over traditional wood and gas fireplaces.

  1. The first advantage that electric fireplace inserts have over traditional fuel sources is the cost of operation. Wood and gas hearths can cost multiple dollars an hour to operate while electric fireplace inserts average only around 8-10 cents per hour. This is a significant savings which can equate to hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of a fireplace.
  1. The second advantage that electric fireplaces offer over traditional chimneys is the lack of real flame. While the smell of a real fire is nostalgic, everyone in America knows the potential danger that open flames can produce. Houses burn down almost daily because of unattended fires, while countless others have suffered severe burns from flames in their very own fireplace. With the fan forced heat of electric fireplace inserts, consumers no longer have to worry about these dangers while still enjoying the ambiance of a fire.

  2. Electric fireplaces also offer convenience. By simply pressing a remote button, you can effortlessly turn on the fireplace from across the room. Backbreaking hours of chopping wood or attaching gas lines are no longer necessary with the advent of electric fireplace inserts. Simply plug them into any standard 120 volt wall outlet and enjoy.

  1. Most electric fireplace inserts also come with adjustable features including flame brightness and heat output so you can customize the look and feel to your liking. By simply flipping a switch or turning a knob, you can maintain complete control over the comfort and ambiance in a room.

  2. A final advantage of fireplace inserts is that they can function without the production of heat. Unlike traditional fireplaces, fireplace inserts can run with just a flame display, which allows you to create a romantic or relaxing ambiance despite unpredictable weather changes. Regardless of the temperature, fireplace inserts are guaranteed to create a beautiful flame that will have even the most skeptical guest gazing in delight.

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