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Small Electric Fireplace Inserts

About Small Electric Fireplaces

Small electric fireplaces are perfect for adding to even the tiniest spaces, with widths from 18" to 36" wide. You can get creative and add a vertical wall mount fireplace or go for something more classic like a small traditional or linear fireplace insert. They are safe, energy efficient, and provide low-fuss supplemental heating to any room of the house.

How Much Heat Does a Small Electric Fireplace Put Out?

Just because a fireplace is small doesn't mean it doesn’t pack a punch. Our smallest electric fireplaces feature infrared technology that can heat up to 1000 square feet and put out over 5,000 BTUs as a supplemental source. Look for digital thermostats and automatic temperature settings to keep the heat coming right when it’s needed.

Do Small Electric Fireplaces Look Realistic?

Small fireplaces don’t skimp on the details. They can have customizable features like color, intensity, and speed adjustments on the flames that produce a more realistic flame effect. They can have well-crafted resin logs that look burnt, as well as embers and ash on the bed of the firebox that produce an even more real-to-life feel.