A fireplace in the bedroom? Yes, please! Your bedroom is already your haven, retreat, and relaxation space. A fireplace will only add to that.

The following are a few frequently asked questions and their answers to help you find the best way to bring a bedroom fireplace into your design.


Is adding a fireplace to the bedroom a major remodel?

It doesn’t have to be. If you want a traditional wood burning fireplace, then yes, you’re probably knocking a hole in the wall (wood-burning fireplaces require a chimney). On the flip side, an electric fireplace for the bedroom can be as simple as placing a piece of furniture or hanging a picture.

With an electric fireplace mantel package, you simply place the unit where you want it, then plug it in. Instant fireplace ambiance in the bedroom is yours. A linear fireplace offers a more modern look. It can be mounted directly to the wall or recessed into the wall (requires some minor remodeling).


Do I need a big space to have a bedroom fireplace?

You’d be surprised where you can fit a fireplace. There’s a fireplace for every room no matter the size. Larger rooms can accommodate more traditional fireplaces with hearths, mantels, and surrounds.

Smaller rooms may work better with simpler fireplaces like a linear electric fireplace. These are designed to be hung on the wall and can be placed up higher to make better use of the available space. Even smaller, portable freestanding stoves are no bigger than a nightstand and can go just about anywhere.

Even if you have no obvious place to put a fireplace in your bedroom, you might consider creating a peninsula or pass-through fireplace. A peninsula fireplace sticks out into the room using up the least amount of wall space of any other configuration. The pass-through fireplace is placed in a wall and allows access from two rooms (bedroom and bathroom?).


Fireplace and bed as the centerpiece of the bedroom

What if my bedroom design isn’t traditional?

You may associate fireplaces with more traditional design—carved wooden mantel with cast iron grates. Or maybe you picture a wood-burning stove when you think of a fireplace. Both are classic looks that are well loved, but if you have a more contemporary style in your bedroom, never fear.

Fireplaces make their way into more modern settings all the time. Fireplace TV consoles combine modern living with the ambiance of a fireplace seamlessly. Linear fireplaces offer a clean-lined aesthetic that’s perfect for modern styles. Electric fireplaces offer some high-tech features that go hand in hand with contemporary styling, like colored flame effects, crystal flame beds, and long lines of flame instead of a pile of logs.


Does the fireplace have to be the center of attention in the bedroom? How do I design around it?

The nature of a fireplace often makes it the center of attention wherever it is. We say embrace the attention a fireplace brings and let it take center stage. Design the whole wall to complement the fireplace by making that wall of the bedroom a feature wall. Apply a different color paint or add wallpaper. Use stone or tile to set the fireplace apart.

Bring the bed into the equation and let it and the fireplace create the centering force in the room. Align the fireplace and the bed and design them to be one unit. Or make the bed and the fireplace completely separate spaces by adding a few comfortable chairs and a space-defining rug around the fireplace.

If you have a large bedroom, create a sitting area separate from the bed all centered around the fireplace. You can bring in a coffee table, small couches, and arm chairs to make a nook in your bedroom that further enhances its coziness. It will become your favorite relaxation space.


Will a fireplace heat my whole bedroom?

An electric fireplace can heat a room anywhere from 400 square feet to 1000 square feet depending on the type. The bedroom is ideal if you want to rely on a fireplace for heat. It’s not too big and not too small.

Electric fireplaces are efficient in a bedroom too. They don’t lose nearly as much heat as a traditional fireplace that loses about 90% of its heat right out the chimney. You can also choose to operate your electric fireplace with or without heat so you can enjoy the ambiance any day of the year in any locale.

With a beautiful selection of high-tech electric fireplaces available, it’s time to imagine fireplaces beyond the living room. Amp up the cozy factor of your bedroom with a fireplace. Browse your options.

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