Electric Fireplace Troubleshooting

Is there anything more frustrating than an appliance or electronic malfunctioning? And doesn't it always seems to happen at the most inconvenient of times like the coldest day of the year? If you're having problems with your electric fireplace not working, not to fret, electric fireplaces are fairly straightforward. There's probably a logical reason your electric fireplace stopped working.

Here are some typical problems and solutions to find out why your electric fireplace is not working.

Bedroom with large electric fireplace.


Blower not working on electric fireplace?

Turn all switches to the "off" position and unplug the unit from the wall for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, power everything back on and try again.

The flame is on, but no warm air is coming out?

Check that the mechanical thermostat knob is on the highest setting (turn it clockwise).


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Electric fireplace flame effect not working?

Open the back panel of the unit. Check whether the spinner spindle is connected to the motor and that the flame generator drive motor is running. 

The circuit breaker trips or blows a fuse when turned on?

The wire has short circuited. Plug the unit into another outlet or install a dedicated 15-amp circuit.


Large linear fireplace recessed into the living room wall.

The unit turns off by itself?

Replace the remote control.

The logs, ember beds or flames are glowing, but very dimly?

Check the wiring for loose connections and replace if necessary.


When Is It Time to Replace an Electric Fireplace?

The lifespan of an electric fireplace can vary depending on several factors such as the quality of the product, how much you use it, and maintenance. However, there are some indicators that can help you determine when it might be time to replace an electric fireplace:


If the electric fireplace breaks frequently, despite troubleshooting efforts, it may be a sign that it needs replacement. Repairing or replacing components might be an option. If the issues continue or become costly, it may be a better idea to replace the entire unit.

Outdated technology:

As technology advances, newer electric fireplaces may offer improved features and functionality compared to older models. If your current electric fireplace doesn't have the perks you like, you might consider upgrading to a more advanced model.

Physical damage:

If the electric fireplace has physical damage, it may be necessary to replace it. Broken or damaged components can affect the overall safety and performance of the fireplace, making it a potential hazard.

Excessive wear and tear:

Over time, the appearance of an electric fireplace can deteriorate due to wear and tear. Scratches, discoloration, or fading may diminish its aesthetic appeal. While cosmetic issues alone may not mean you need to replace your fireplace, if combined with other problems, you might consider replacing it.

Energy inefficiency:

Electric fireplaces are generally more energy-efficient than traditional wood-burning or gas fireplaces. However, older models might not be as efficient as newer ones. If you notice a big increase in energy consumption or your electricity bills have risen, it could be a sign that your electric fireplace is no longer operating efficiently.

The decision to replace your electric fireplace depends on your circumstances and how you want to use your fireplace. If you are uncertain, one of our representatives can help you determine the best course forward. 


Linear fireplace with white mantel in a large, bright living room.

There is excessive noise coming out of the heater.

The heater is either dirty or defective. Ensure the intake louvers and log cavity are free from dirt and dust.

There is a funny smell coming from the fireplace.

It's probably either electrical overload or a dirty chimney.

Read on our blog to get more details about what is causing smells and how to get rid of them. 

Still not sure why your electric fireplace is not working? Give our team a call. If all else fails, start looking for a new electric fireplace!

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