The last several years have changed the way we work. If you’re one of 4.7 million Americans who work from home most of the week, you probably realized quickly that you needed a dedicated home office.

Sure, getting rid of your commute and wearing comfy pants are excellent perks, but it didn’t take long for the kitchen table to stop being your favorite place to work. If trips to the fridge plague your productivity and the dryer buzzer‘s relentless reminders tanks your concentration, it’s time to reconsider this whole home office thing.

We’ve got five home office ideas that tick all the boxes for coziness and productivity. Here’s how to create a separate space for work that keeps daily home life in its place.

Traditional wood mantel fireplace in a cozy office.

Eco-Friendly Surroundings

A top trend in office design is the addition of the natural: plants, plenty of natural light, natural materials, etc. Naturals are stress-busters and no home office should be without them. Choose flooring and furniture made from recycled (or recyclable) materials like bamboo or eco-friendly textiles.

Another aspect of an eco-friendly design is to use sustainable materials and energy-wise products. Update the windows, seal up exterior doors, and use energy efficient heating and cooling. Adding an electric fireplace to supplement your heat creates a cozy atmosphere that’s better for the environment than smoke and gas-producing fireplaces.

Recessed electric fireplace in a cozy office.

Statement Wall

The statement wall is ever present in interior design as a way to make a place special. If you don’t have a separate room for your office the statement wall is a must. It sets apart your office space within a room making it clear that this part of the room has a distinct purpose.

Paint is probably the easiest way to create a statement wall, but there are lots of other options as well: tin tile, wallpaper, wall panels, a large piece of art, etc. Our favorite way to create a cozy statement wall is to add a linear fireplace.

Linear fireplaces can be hung on the wall at any height, creating a focal point for the room and setting it apart. They can also be recessed partially or fully flush with the wall. You can run the fireplace without the heat on so you can still get the ambiance in any season.

Spacious office with large linear electric fireplace.

 Hybrid Spaces

Don’t discount the dining room completely, because many creative homeowners are thinking outside the box and creating hybrid spaces that can pull double duty. A dining room can easily slide into the role of office with the right furnishings.

A large table and buffet in the dining room can double as desk and storage. An open format living space can easily accommodate a corner for an office simply by placing a pony wall or shifting the couch and using it as a room segmenter. A bookcase placed with the narrow end against the wall instead of the wide end against the wall also makes a perfect separator.

With demand for hybrid solutions, it’s easier to find furniture that can multitask. You’ll find coffee tables with tops that pop up to desk height. Good old laptop tables can go anywhere and make any room an office.

Simple office with a cozy electric fireplace.

Zoom Room

While your favorite place to work may be the couch, when it’s time for a video conference you need a space that’s free from distractions and looks good on camera. Of course, you can always blur out your background but it’s so much better to have a background that allows your coworkers to get to know you a bit better.

Make your own background that shows your personality. Add color to the wall, a shelf with some decor, art that you love, or family photos. An electric fireplace might be a good choice as well. A mantel allows you to place a few items that add some personality plus you have the ambiance of the fireplace. All that cozy detail might make your whole meeting a little more Zen.

Harmonious Design

You’ve heard of feng shui, the art of arranging your space with a flow that positively influences your emotional and mental wellness. That concept is essential to creating a cozy office design. It can decrease your work stress and boost your productivity.

Harmony between the office and the rest of the house is important too. There should be design elements that bring together your office design with the rest of your home design. This will give you a sense of wholeness that will allow you to focus on your work.

Working from home doesn’t have to mean constant interruptions or distractions from daily living. It doesn’t have to be overly casual either. Creating a separate workspace that is both cozy and free of distractions will give your productivity the boost it needs.

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