Want an easier way to heat your home? Skip the space heater and go with a Dimplex electric fireplace instead.

Dimplex is one of the leading brands of electric fireplaces and a world leader in electric heating. With a wide variety of electric fireplace styles, top-of-the-line construction, and an effortless operation process, their products give you hours of comfort and that classic fireplace ambiance.

Did that spark your interest? Read on to see why Dimplex inserts are the convenient heating choice.


The Proof Is in the Product

Everyone loves variety, especially Dimplex. They offer several different electric inserts, including:


  • Built-in units

  • Log sets

  • Mantel packages


Built-in units come in a variety of widths, including 33 inches, 39 inches, and 45 inches.

Thinking about a full mantel package? You'll get an electric fireplace and furniture-grade cabinetry that encloses the unit. But don't just take our word for it, come see for yourself. 


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You'll Always Find the Perfect Fit

A Dimplex electric insert is an excellent example of a built-in fireplace. That's because it's designed for permanent installation at your home or business and can be placed anywhere, including:


  • On an inside or outside wall

  • Above or below ground

  • In the corners of a room. 


And thanks to their design, the installation process is quick and inexpensive too. All you need is a standard power supply and you're ready to go. 


The Power Is in Your Hands

Dimplex built-in fireplaces are typically dual voltage meaning they can be wired out of the box for 110 volts, the normal household voltage, or 220 volts, the voltage used by a washer or dryer.  The heating output ranges from 4692 to 9600 BTUs depending upon the voltage option chosen during installation.


It Stays Safe and Stylish All Year Long 

Each fireplace is safe to use, eliminating the concerns that come with traditional wood-burning and gas-burning fireplaces.

But who says safety has to be boring? The realistic flame effect of a Dimplex electric fireplace gives you the look and feel of a real fireplace without the mess and annoying cleanup. They can even be used without heat for year-round ambiance and enjoyment.


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Choose Custom Accessories For a Complete Fireplace

Another pleasant option provided by Dimplex is the variety of accessories offered. These options include:


  • Glass doors

  • Trim kits

  • Remote controls

  • Wall thermostats

  • Plug-in kits.


Want a more natural, earthy look when you light your fire? These black rocks create an ember bed aesthetic that complements the realistic flames. 


If ease of installation, simple operation, and hours of comfort and ambiance are your goal, you won’t go wrong selecting a Dimplex built-in firebox.

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