The Evolution of Dimplex Ignite Series

The technology of all devices gets better and better with each passing year. New Android or Apple phones are introduced regularly with new features and better, more advanced tech. Luckily the phone in your pocket isn’t outdated that easily. Even a phone you’ve had for a few years is still technologically relevant—it just doesn’t have the latest bells and whistles.

The same goes for electric fireplaces. With each new product hitting the market, you’ll see new features and sometimes even new developments in the technology. But last year’s model is still a head turner. There’s really no going wrong with the electric fireplaces on the market today. It’s more of a choice between good, better, and best.

Let’s take a look at three of Dimplex’s finest from the Ignite series.

Dimplex Ignite fireplace in a large wood statement wall.

GOOD: Dimplex IgniteXL®

IgniteXL® distinguishes itself by being exceptionally lifelike and boasting a visual appeal that surpasses all preceding models. Featuring groundbreaking patented flame and heat technology, IgniteXL revolutionizes the ambiance of any space. The installation process is straightforward and adaptable, opening a realm of nearly limitless possibilities. Immerse yourself in impeccable panoramic vistas that ignite passion, regardless of your viewing angle.

The linear style electric fireplace can warm up to 1,000 square feet and comes in four sizes (50”, 60”, 74”, and 100”). It has a very narrow frame to maximize the viewable area and doesn’t require any kind of surround for a clean minimalist look. It is fully recessed and can be directly hard wired or plugged in.

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More Features

  • Multi-Fire XD® flame effect technology that are brighter and more lifelike in any light; can run flames without heat for year-round enjoyment

  • Comfort$aver ceramic heating for up to 1,000 square feet; energy saving

  • Adjustable flame color and light intensity; remote included

  • Thermostat for more precise climate management

  • Heat Boost puts out maximum heat for a pre-set amount of time

  • Cool-touch glass keeps the fireplace safe for children and pets



Dimplex Ignite Evolve fireplace in a feature wall with television above.

BETTER: Dimplex Ignite Evolve

As the fireplace realm undergoes a transformative evolution, the Dimplex Ignite series follows suit. Presenting the all-new Ignite Evolve, a paradigm-shifting creation that seamlessly harmonizes with both contemporary and timeless environments. Delight in ultra-realistic flames with multi-tonal tumbled glass and authentic looking driftwood. Ignite Evolve has the power to metamorphose your space.

That same linear look you love is available in 4 sizes (50”, 60”, 74” & 100”). It comes with three different media bed types including acrylic crystal, driftwood molded from real logs, and tumbled glass. You’ll still get many flame colors and theme presets to choose from, as well as the realistic Multi-Fire XD flame effects. The flame projections are taller and wider than all others in the series.


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More Features

  • Edgeless design installs with no trim so your fireplace sits right next to the surround or wall. Works with stone, brick, tile, or just the wall itself.

  • Media modes choose from three different preset media lighting options to create your own brand of ambiance.

  • Comfort$aver & Heat Boost settings help you save energy and get things warmed up in a hurry.

  • Smart self-diagnostics troubleshoot for you speeding up any repairs.

  • Flame Connect app allows you to control all settings from your phone; or use the remote or touch controls on the unit.


Large three side fireplace (Dimplex Ignite Blog) with a hearth and feature wall.

BEST: Dimplex IgniteXL® Bold

The next step up in the Ignite line up is the Bold. Crafted to exude modernity, this seamlessly integrated fireplace design conjures a mesmerizing illusion of extraordinary depth. Intuitive controls, at the forefront of innovation, elevate your enjoyment and enable a personalized flourish. This design offers industry-leading flexibility with four installation configurations all in one box. You can also connect it to other units for ultimate warmth and stand-out design.

You’ll find the same linear style as the original Ignite available in five sizes (50”, 60”, 74”, 88”, and 100”) but with new configurations. The unit can be installed with three, two, or one viewable sides. This model also has more flame colors and the ability to change the ambient color of the ember bed.

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More Features

  • Improved Multi-Fire® XD flame effects add a new multi-layered color effect that gives more depth. Colors can be controlled independently or you can create up to seven presets.
  • Ember bed with acrylic crystals and driftwood; ember bed and top lighting color is adjustable.

  • More viewable area with 16” high face.

  • Eco Boost adjusts the wattage range to keep things warm without using as much energy.

  • Smart air circulation mode that moves air for better heating and fresher air.

  • Ambient light sensor detects when the lighting in the room decreases or increases and adjusts the flame brightness accordingly.

  • Smart self-diagnostics troubleshoots for you if a problem ever arises.

Whichever Ignite unite suits you, you really can’t go wrong with any of these units. Each has incredible features and industry defining technologies that will make your hearth the place to be in any weather.


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