There are plenty of choices when it comes to the style of your fireplace, including the type of fireplace you choose and whether or not you’d like your fireplace to have a mantel.

Mantels with electric fireplaces are mostly a decorative feature of the fireplace’s overall look, and not all living spaces benefit from this additional element. Designers and homeowners are forgoing the mantel, especially in modern, minimalist design styles.

Moreover, there are several other benefits to having no mantel atop your fireplace.

Linear style electric fireplace in a marble surround and now mantel.

Showcase the surround

For one, eliminating the mantel will help to showcase the foundational materials of the fireplace’s face, such as intricate stonework , a sleek marble slab, or a simple painted wall. Without a mantel, the fireplace and wall materials take center stage, rather than being obscured in any way.

Less maintenance

A second benefit to a mantel-less fireplace is there will be much less upkeep involved. Mantels require regular cleaning to remove dust, soot, and debris, which can be time-consuming, so not having a mantel means you won’t have to worry about this extra maintenance.

Linear style electric fireplace in a white wall with no mantel.

No space limitations

A final advantage to not having a mantel is that it won’t limit how you decorate the rest of the space. Sometimes, mantels can jut out or take up a lot of additional space, which can impact the rest of your furniture or amount of seating. With no mantel, your fireplace can keep a low profile.

    With all of these benefits in mind, recessed and wall mounted electric fireplaces are a great option for homeowners with a modern aesthetic. Not only are they easy to install and highly energy efficient, but wall mounted electric fireplaces come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors.

    Still unsure if a mantel-less fireplace is right for your home? We’ve identified 3 interior design styles that match perfectly with a wall mounted electric fireplace and no mantel!


    Three sided electric fireplace in a white wall with gray stone surround and no mantel.

    The Scandinavian Style

    The first interior style that fits well with the mantel-less look is the Scandinavian aesthetic. This style, which originated in the Nordic countries of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Iceland, is characterized by minimalism, functionality, and a focus on simple and clean lines.

    Thus, this stunning SimpliFire Scion Trinity Linear Electric Fireplace offers an excellent choice for a Scandinavian space, as it has a seamless and uninterrupted appeal. With the ability to bridge the finishing materials right to the edges of the fireplace, this model will create a flush look and align with a pure, clarified feel.


    Linear electric fireplace in a wood full wall surround and no mantel.

    The Rustic Style

    Another interior style that will accommodate a mantel-less fireplace flawlessly is the rustic aesthetic. A rustic space celebrates the beauty of natural materials and textures. The style is designed to bring the charm of the outdoors or countryside into the home, making fireplaces a non-negotiable feature of any rustic space.

    Opting for a model like this Napoleon Alluravision Deep Wall Mount Electric Fireplace will align perfectly with a rustic aesthetic, as it can be built into a pre-existing wooden feature wall. Its edge-to-edge glass front can also be easily mounted to a surface with a hanging bracket, meaning it is incredibly versatile. Without a mantel, this model still provides a modern, linear design while maintaining an unadorned, natural feel.

    The Mod Style

    Consider the Mod, or “modernist,” aesthetic. Focused on geometric shapes and bold colors, the Mod movement first arrived on the scene in the 1950s and 1960s. The Mod style tends to integrate retro and Pop Art elements to create visual interest, and these types of interiors also often incorporate the latest technology to imbibe a futuristic feel.

    The Modern Ember Highmark is a sleek linear electric fireplace that can be fully recessed or hung directly on the wall. It features multiple abstract flame effects that look fuller and can be adjusted in color, speed, and brightness. Several media options come with the fireplace including: acrylic crystals in Smoke and Clear, plus driftwood logs. Downlighting further enhances the realism of the experience.

    Ready to make the transition to a modern, no-mantel fireplace? Shop all wall mounted fireplaces here.


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