Dreaming of cheerily dancing flames to cozy-up your living room but stuck with a too small space? Don’t let that stop you. Adding a fireplace may not require as much space (or time or cost) as you think. Small electric fireplaces offer you options that don’t require a remodel, a huge investment, or even a large living room.

Grab your coffee and favorite book because your fireplace dreams are about to come true. Use these four simple tactics for a small living room with a fireplace.


1. Select a Smaller Fireplace

Electric fireplaces don’t require strict chimney flue measurements, remodels, or consideration for air intakes. They are pretty much plug and play and they come in all different sizes (even ones small enough to fit your tiny living room).

The smallest electric fireplaces are under 30 inches wide. They can have a classic fireplace look with a wood frame and even a mantel. You won’t have to miss out on any of the aesthetic of a fireplace with these fireplaces for small living rooms.

Consider a freestanding stove style fireplace. They also come in under 30 inches. They have the same perks as any electric fireplace including, excellent supplemental heating (up to 1000 square feet), remote controls, and more.


2. Go with a Corner Fireplace

In a space that is often wasted, a corner fireplace can be an easy way to work in that ambiance you’re looking for. You get the grand look of a classic fireplace but can tuck it into the corner of a smaller living room with ease.

A corner fireplace can be a bit tricky when it comes to how you layout the rest of the room, but with some forethought, it’s easily overcome. A sectional is an excellent way to manage a room layout with a corner fireplace. It can mirror the corner with the fireplace and still make the most of the seating space in the room.


Mother and child playing in small living room with fireplace.


3. Get Creative with Layout

How you layout your small living room can make or break the space. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to add a fireplace once you have a layout that maximizes your space.

A distance of three feet is recommended for traditional fireplaces to decrease risk of fire or damage to furniture. Three feet is a lot of space in a small living room. One of the perks of an electric fireplace is that it is much cooler than a traditional fireplace. It also requires only 1.5 feet of clearance space around the unit—a big space saver!

Another perk of the electric fireplace is that it can be run without heat. The flame effects and the heat are two different elements that can be used separately. If all you want is the ambiance of a fireplace without heat, you can place furniture much closer.


4. Multi-Task In the Space

In small spaces, it’s important to maximize both functionality and design. It’s especially important in a small living room with a fireplace to make sure no part of the room does only one thing—including the fireplace.

An electric fireplace can easily multi-task because it is far less hot than a traditional fireplace. For instance, a fireplace TV stand is a cabinet that houses a fireplace, storage, and can have a TV atop the unit. Now that’s multi-tasking!


You can have a fireplace in your small living room and an electric fireplace will help you achieve it. Get to know fireplace types and styles better at our blog.

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