In your quest to create the perfect environment for guests, a fireplace is the end all be all. Adding a fireplace to an Airbnb property can be a valuable addition that enhances the overall guest experience and increases the attractiveness of your listing.

However, such an addition is not without its concerns. It's important to consider certain factors before proceeding. Add the ambiance and not the liability with these pointers.


Modern linear fireplace with natural wood surround.


Fireplaces can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, especially during colder months. Many guests appreciate the ambiance and warmth a fireplace provides, which can make your listing more appealing and potentially lead to increased bookings and positive reviews.

If you don’t get many winter bookings or your property is in a warm climate, a fireplace may not have the appeal you hope it would. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fireplace. Opt for an electric fireplace, which allows you to enjoy the ambiance of the flames without the heat. Check out contemporary-styled Modern Ember Aerus Series, or classic appeal Country Living 20” fireplace insert.


Spacious living room with light neutral colors and fireplace.


Offering a fireplace can set your Airbnb apart from other listings in the area. It may attract guests who specifically search for properties with a fireplace, giving you a competitive advantage and potentially allowing you to charge higher rates.


Cozy living room with beige and gray colors and electric fireplace.

Seasonal Demand

Fireplaces tend to be more desirable during the winter season, when guests are looking for warmth and comfort. If your property is located in a region with colder weather, having a fireplace can be a significant selling point during peak travel periods.

An electric fireplace is an excellent option for a rental property because it is easy to use (no ashes, hauling wood, or tinkering with gas). Additionally, electric fireplaces are excellent supplemental heaters so you can ensure your guests are always comfortable.

Small, portable electric stove in white against a white wall.

Property Restrictions

Before installing a fireplace, review any regulations or restrictions imposed by your local authorities or homeowners' association. Make sure you comply with all safety codes, obtain the necessary permits, and follow proper installation procedures.

Electric fireplaces make this part a cakewalk. They have fewer regulations than any other kind of fireplace. They are easier and faster to install as well. Many require only that you plug it in and turn it on, such as with the portable electric stove styles. You can also find inserts and mantel packages (mantel and fireplace come together) that are plug and play ready.


Fireplaces require proper maintenance and safety precautions. Ensure that your fireplace installation meets all safety standards, including proper ventilation, fire-resistant materials, and adherence to local building codes. Regular inspections and maintenance should be carried out to ensure guest safety.

This is another area where electric fireplaces stand out. With no flames, the risk greatly decreases. Even the elements that produce heat are well protected and don’t pose risk of burn. Ensure you have plugged in or wired the unit correctly and your guests won’t have to worry about safety.

Electric fireplace in a white surround in a bright living room.


Adding a fireplace can be a significant investment. Consider the initial installation costs, including materials, labor, and any necessary modifications to the property. Additionally, factor in ongoing maintenance costs, such as cleaning, chimney inspections, and repairs.

With an electric fireplace, the costs are upfront. Very little maintenance is needed over time, so the initial purchase of the unit is most of the cost. Due to the ease of installation compared to gas or wood-fired, electric is also much more affordable comparitively.

Insurance & Liability

Installing a fireplace may impact your insurance coverage. Most policies don’t automatically cover a fireplace. Notify your insurance provider about the addition and ensure you have appropriate coverage. It's essential to understand your responsibilities and any insurance implications before proceeding.

Cozy living room with small electric fireplace, couch, and coffee table.

Guest Education

Provide clear instructions to your guests on how to operate the fireplace safely. Include guidelines on lighting and extinguishing fires, the use of firewood or gas, and any specific rules or precautions they need to follow. Safety should be a top priority to avoid accidents or property damage.

Installing an electric fireplace makes guest education simple. There’s no worry that they’ll make messes, cause damage, or risk their own safety. For most electric fireplaces, all guests really need to know is where the switch or remote is.

Adding a fireplace is a great way to enhance your guest’s experience in your rental property. The best way to do that is to go with an electric fireplace. Check out all the options for any rental space.

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