Nothing beats the gathering power of the great outdoors. Whether it’s a summer cookout or a casual evening observing the stars, going outside gets even better when you’re with your closest friends and family.
You can make an evening outdoors even better with the dancing flames and ambiance of a fireplace. Not interested in all the bother of hauling wood or getting the gas lit? Or maybe the idea of extra heat in the summer isn’t all that appealing. The perfect solution is an electric fireplace.

Linear electric fireplace set in a concrete surround in an outdoor setting.

Can an Electric Fireplace Go Outdoors?

Yes! With the right set up, an electric fireplace gives you the same realistic ambiance as a wood-burning fire and even some heat for year-round outdoor enjoyment.

Select an electric fireplace with an outdoor rating. These have built-in protections to better resist moisture. They should be installed under a cover such as an overhang, covered patio, or porch to further protect them from the elements.

As with any outdoor fireplace, it is only warm directly around the fireplace as the heat dissipates quickly into the great outdoors. The same applies to an electric fireplace. If you want your electric fireplace to provide heat for yourself and your guests, install your outdoor electric fireplace in an enclosed space. Sunrooms, conservatories, and enclosed patios are ideal 4-season rooms with an electric fireplace installed.

Alternatively, if the heat is not a top priority, you can still use an electric fireplace in a non-enclosed space to create a beautiful focal point where you can enjoy the ambiance without the dirt, smoke, or cleanup of a traditional fire.

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Finding the Right Place for Your Outdoor Electric Fireplace

Though there are several requirements for installing an outdoor electric fireplace, it’s easy to find the perfect spot for your outdoor electric fireplace.
Some of the best locations for an outdoor electric fireplace are:

  • Decks

  • Outdoor Patios

  • Porches

Covered or enclosed spaces are best but, if you do not have an enclosed space (and do not plan to convert your space), you can still add an outdoor electric fireplace to create the soothing, ambient glow of a flickering fire, you just won’t get any of the heat benefits.

You might want to opt for a portable electric fireplace so you can bring it in after an evening outdoors to keep it out of the weather, humidity, and elements. Decided on something more permanent? The fireplace insert is the way to go. To ensure you’ve got the perfect fit, let’s go over the types of mounts.


Linear electric fireplace in an outdoor setting with birch logs and realistic flames.

Installing an Electric Fireplace Outdoors

If you’re installing a permanent fireplace in a wall of your outdoor space, the proper fireplace mount gives you the right amount of style in a more-permanent fixture. There are three different mount types to choose from:

  • Fully recessed: Fully recessed fireplaces are placed in a cut-out area of your wall. While the front and the frame are in view, the sides are completely covered.

  • Partially recessed: If you want the in-wall look without going as deep as a fully recessed unit, choose a partially recessed fireplace instead. A portion of the sides will be visible alongside the frame and front.

  • Surface mount: Surface mount fireplaces give you that floating fireplace look without having to cut into your wall. The front, frame, and sides will be fully in view—like a flat-screen TV.

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Selecting Your Outdoor Electric Fireplace Style

Outdoor electric fireplaces have all the substance, but are they stylish? Absolutely!

Whether you want something modern or more on the classic side, EFD has it in stock. That includes:

  • Traditional: For a traditional fireplace that goes beyond the traditional setting, choose the SimpliFire 25-In Electric Fireplace Insert. With a brick interior panel pattern and faux fire logs that look like the real thing, it’ll feel like your living room even when you’re outside.

  • Contemporary & Modern: If you want a contemporary or modern look and all the accessories that come with it, there are over 70 options to choose from. One of the more unique offerings is the Amantii 50-in Symmetry Smart WiFi Enabled Built-In Linear Electric Fireplace, which includes multiple flame styles and speeds with modern features, like WiFi compatibility.

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