If you've been shopping for an electric fireplace, you've probably seen the term "Infrared Heater," but what is infrared heating, how does it work, and is an infrared fireplace the right choice for your needs?

What Exactly is Infrared Heating Technology?

Infrared Heats Up Objects - Not Just the Air

Infrared, sometimes referred to as "radiant heat," is a unique method of heating the entirety of a room at once by transferring heat directly to objects in the room, similar to how the sun warms the earth.

More Efficient Than Fan-Forced

Infrared differs from "Fan-Forced," which is a single-direction heating method where the heat originates exclusively from the fan forcing out hot air. While fan-forced heating can successfully heat up to 400 square feet, infrared heaters are capable of heating up to 1,000 square feet.

Also, because infrared isn't directional, it more evenly heats the entirety of a room, creating an ideal solution to warm the rooms you use most.

    Are Infrared Fireplaces Expensive To Operate?

    Infrared units cost between 12-14¢ to operate per hour, much less expensive than gas alternatives. These ultra-quiet units are also cool to the touch - making them a perfect choice for families with kids or pets.

    More Ways to Save on Heating Costs

    Only Heat The Rooms You Use The Most

    Many infrared heaters are portable and can easily be moved from room to room. Also, infrared electric fireplaces are available in stationary units such as TV & Media stands and electric fireplace mantels. Many customers take advantage of the supplemental heat infrared heaters provide through a process called "ZONE HEATING," which allows them to keep the overall thermostat at a much lower temperature; as they heat the rooms they're using most, they're not wasting energy heating unused space.

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