Fireplaces are a centuries-old staple of many homes around the world. Modern fireplaces are the next iteration of fireplaces, offering classic and contemporary styles while adding versatility and heating power.  

Want a modern twist on an iconic interior piece? Join us on a tour of the most popular modern interior design styles and the modern fireplace styles and features that go with them. 


Linear electric fireplace in a minimalist style living room with modern flair.



Minimalism is all about keeping things simple. Decluttered rooms with minimal décor go a long way in this design style. Other staples of minimalism include clean lines, monochromatic colors, plenty of light, and furniture that’s functional over flashy and distracting. 

So how do our modern fireplaces fit into a minimalist design scheme? Through these key features: 

Sleek Looks: Everything from fireplace inserts to outdoor fireplaces are available in a contemporary/modern design style. You’ll find plenty of clean, uncomplicated styles with parallel lines and other aesthetics on the simpler side. 

Monochrome Color Schemes: Most of our fireplaces are available in black, white, brown, and gray perfect for a minimal color palette. 

Function First: Each fireplace provides practical benefits for your interior or exterior space. That includes supplemental heating capacity, decorative flames, logs, and portability (depending on your unit). 


Minimalist Electric Fireplaces: 

Fireplace Heaters: The Amantii TruView Cube Freestanding Electric Stove Heater is a sleek, three-sided fireplace that comes in a black finish. There are plenty of practical features included, like up to 500ft. of supplemental heating and multi-function remote control usage. 

Fireplace Inserts: With a luxurious, contemporary design, the Modern Ember 60-In Highmark Smart Linear Electric Fireplace is an instant minimalist classic. There are plenty of practical features too, including app-powered smart functionality, WiFi capability, a thermostatic two-stage heater, and wall-mount or recessed installation options. 

Wall-Mount Electric Fireplaces: The Napoleon 50-in Harsten Wall-Mount Electric Fireplace with Bluetooth Speakers comes with plenty of useful features in addition to its minimalist construction. It comes equipped with two Bluetooth speakers, four-season operation, and several different lighting and flame brightness options.  

Mantel Packages: The SimpliFire Format Floating Mantel Wall Mount Electric Fireplace - 43-Inch is a modern, minimalist floating mantel in a white finish. Some of the built-in features include 13 bed color choices, multiple flame colors, and a multi-function remote control for easy operation. 

Outdoor Electric Fireplaces: With a slim build and smooth lines, the Amantii Panorama Series 60-In Slim Built-In Electric Fireplace is a natural fit in a minimalist exterior. You’ll also enjoy the easy installation process and multi-function remote. 


Small rustic electric fireplace in a simple farmhouse style living room.


Rustic Mashups 

Rustic design is all about comfort and the natural world, emphasizing natural materials and colors alongside comfortable furniture and décor pieces. Rustic mashups take the design characteristics of a rustic aesthetic and mix them with another style—like modern farmhouse, modern industrial, mid-century modern, and more. 

Our rustic fireplaces are a great choice for a mashup. That’s because they’re: 

Versatile: With a variety of finishes and built-in features, our rustic fireplaces work well with many different design styles. 

Portable: Some of our rustic fireplaces are portable, making them easier to fit in to your mashup. 

Natural: For a natural touch, you’ll find a few fireplaces that incorporate wood and stone elements. 


Rustic Electric Fireplaces: 

Fireplace Heaters: Finished with valley pine wood and built with a shiplap, planked body, the Harlan Electric Fireplace Mantel Package in Valley Pine is a rustic heater that’s perfect for a coastal cottage mashup. Adding to the rustic style, the built-in flame effects provide the ambiance of a rolling fire all year long. 

Fireplace Inserts: The Dimplex 39-In Standard Built-in Electric Fireplace is a traditional, manually controlled insert with plenty of customization options. That includes optional black trim, four different door options, and a remote control for easier operation. 

Wall-Mount Electric Fireplaces: The Tribeca Linear Surround with Napoleon Alluravision Slim is a linear electric fireplace with a contemporary-style wood surround that adds a bit of rustic flair. It’s a great mashup piece with a mid-century modern or Scandinavian design.  

Mantel Packages: With a stone-look finish and realistic log effects, the Featherston Electric Fireplace Mantel Package is as rustic as it gets. It’s also versatile, fitting everything from cottages and cabins to modern homes. 

Outdoor Electric Fireplaces: The Amantii 33-In Traditional Bespoke Smart Built-In Electric Fireplace works indoors and outdoors in covered areas. A traditional look is balanced by Wi-Fi capabilities, smart-room temperature control, and other modern features. 


Large linear electric fireplace with gray stone accents in a living room.


Mid-Century Modern 

Originating in the middle of the 20th century, mid-century modern designs are seeing a resurgence. Things like bright color palettes, warm woods, sleek lines, geometric shapes, and multi-material furniture pieces are some of the most common design staples. And just like rustic designs, mid-century modern designs are easy to mash up with other schemes.  

Modern fireplaces make plenty of sense in a mid-century modern interior and exterior. Some of the most compatible features include: 

Versatile Designs: You’ll find everything from contemporary and modern designs to rustic, vintage, and industrial options. 

Geometric Construction: Mid-century modern designs put emphasis on shape. Many of our modern fireplaces come in square and rectangular builds with 2-D and 3-D looks. 

Material Options: Take your pick between wood, stone, metal and more. 


Mid-Century Modern Electric Fireplaces: 

Fireplace Heaters: With a square construction and optional stove pipe, the Hollis Freestanding Electric Stove in Black is a geometric focal point for your home’s living room. You’ll also love the wood-burning stove decoration, an extra element of intrigue that fits within a mid-century modern aesthetic.  

Fireplace Inserts: The Dimplex IgniteXL Bold 60-In Smart Linear Electric Fireplace takes shape to another level thanks to its rectangular design. Its also got plenty of modern features, including eco/heat boost technology, smart self-diagnostics, and a ComfortSaver heating system. 

Wall-Mount Electric Fireplaces: Part fireplace, part wall-décor, the Napoleon 60-In Stylus Cara Wall-Mount Electric Fireplace offers bold, geometric styling, sleek lines, integrated shelving for storage, and more.  

Mantel Packages: Specifically designed in a mid-century modern style, the Dorrance Electric Fireplace Mantel Package in Black combines 3-D geometry with an eco-friendly/energy-efficient design for a better earth and a better-looking fireplace. 

Outdoor Electric Fireplaces: The Amantii 88-in Panorama XT Smart Linear Electric Fireplace is another outdoor-compatible fireplace as long as you keep it covered. Its dramatic, eye-catching construction offers mid-century modern geometry on top of other great features like remote-controlled operation, Wi-Fi compatibility, multi-colored flame effects and more. 



Opulent electric fireplace with ornate mantel in a living room.




While minimalism is all about restraint and balance, maximalism is all about excess. Bold and bright colors, contrasting fabrics, abstract patterns, and personalized features make this design style the perfect counterpoint to more subdued styles. 

So how do our modern fireplaces fit into maximalism? Better than you think. Check out these common features that are maximalism friendly: 

Eye-Catching Colors: Our color selection includes bolder colors like blue, red, and white on some models. 

Statement Shapes: Expect 2-D and 3-D spatial constructions (multi-sided view fireplaces) and a variety of shapes, like rectangles, squares, and circular elements. 

A Multitude of Materials/Textures: A variety of materials means a variety of textures to choose from. Stone, wood, metal, and even mirrors are great options for a maximalist approach. 


Maximalist Electric Fireplaces: 

Fireplace Heaters: The Country Living Deep Red Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove Heater comes in a bold, Deep Red, but you can also get it in Navy Blue, Cream, Bronze, and Black. You’ll also love the exclusive Country Living design, featuring a metal construction that’s long-lasting and good-looking in many different rooms. 

Fireplace Inserts: With a luxurious, contemporary design and plenty of modern features, the Modern Ember 72-In Highmark Smart Linear Electric Fireplace works well in a maximalist design scheme. Some of those features include smart functionality, smoke and clear acrylic crystals, premium flame effects, and more. 

Wall-Mount Electric Fireplaces: At 84 inches wide, the SimpliFire 84-in Allusion Wall-Mount Electric Fireplace is as big and bold as it gets. 5,000 BTUs of supplemental heating, 14 ember bed lighting options, and 4 LED flame combinations are just icing on the cake for those that love maximalism. 

Mantel Packages: The Bristow Infrared Electric Fireplace Mantel Package is a widescreen firebox that’s equal parts elegant and generous. Some of the features include a powerful infrared heater, 6 different flame colors, 5 brightness settings, and a built-in storage shelf underneath. 

Outdoor Electric Fireplaces: The Amantii 88-in Symmetry Smart XT Linear Electric Fireplace has plenty of accessories, perfect for a maximalist exterior. That includes Wi-Fi compatibility, 11 ambient canopy light colors, 3 different flame colors, 2 different flame styles, and more. 



Scandinavian style living room with electric fireplace insert in the wall.




Like minimalism, Scandinavian designs are all about simplicity. Neutral and monochromatic color schemes, wooden materials, house plants, and natural elements are especially popular for their decluttered, calming components.  

Keeping things simple is easy with our modern fireplaces. There are a few key features that mesh well with a Scandinavian design scheme: 

Natural Materials: Our modern fireplaces come with wood and stone elements for a touch of nature. 

Neutral-Colored Products: You’ll find several neutral finishes to choose from, like grey, black, and white. 

Functional-First Features: Alongside several smart features, some of our modern fireplaces include storage space already built-in. 


Scandinavian-Style Electric Fireplaces: 

Fireplace Heaters: Simplicity with a side of tradition perfectly describes the Continental Black Electric Fireplace Stove Heater. With natural-looking logs and flames, easy plug-and-use operation, and plenty of portability, you’ll find that this modern heater perfectly fits a Scandinavian design scheme. 

Fireplace Inserts: The ClassicFlame 36-In 120V Traditional Builders Box is another traditional fireplace that’s simple to use and won’t complicate your interior aesthetic. You’ll also love the self-trimming design that features simple lines for a decluttered and comfortable look and feel. 

Wall-Mount Electric Fireplaces: With a walnut-encased surround and a birch log set included, the Napoleon Stylus Steinfield Wall-Mount Electric Fireplace has the natural features you want for a Scandinavian interior.  

Mantel Packages: The Hamilton Electric Fireplace Mantel Package features a few natural elements of note. That includes an Oak or Walnut finish and a stacked stone effect back panel. 

Outdoor Electric Fireplaces: The Amantii 38-In Traditional Bespoke Smart Built-In Electric Fireplace is a simple outdoor fireplace with several faux firewood options. That includes Oak, Birch, Split-Wood, and Rustic media sets. 

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