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Amantii Fireplace Heaters

About Amantii Fireplace Heaters

Amanti fireplace heaters are not your ordinary fireplace. These well-designed electric fireplaces offers unique quality by combining classic form with modern interpretation.They allow for a variety of installation options and layouts including peninsula, three-sided, extra long, slim profiles, and extra tall applications.

Are Amantii Electric Fireplaces Realistic?

The most unique features of Amantii are the technology and performance features. Some of the the most realistic flame effects in the market are available and easily adjusted from an intuitive thermostatic remote. A wifi app allows for control of fireplace functions including sound, programmable timers, and control of the flame color and speed. Top quality construction ensures a long-lasting electric fireplace with design integrity at its core.

How Much Does It Cost to Run an Amantii Fireplace Heater?

Since the heater and flame features run separately, the amount of electricity required to run a fireplace can vary. If you use both, a general estimate for use is about 1500 watts, which comes out to something in the neighborhood of $.08-.20 per hour (depending on rate of cost in your area). You can also set your fireplace to run in cycles, which can moderate your electricity usage.