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ClassicFlame Fireplace Inserts

About ClassicFlame Built-In Electric Fireplaces

ClassicFlame electric fireplace inserts allow you to have that instant fireplace feel without a major renovation. Simply convert an existing masonry fireplace with a fireplace insert, or install a recessed, wall-mounted electric fireplace.

Is It Difficult to Convert an Existing Fireplace to Electric?

It couldn’t be simpler to convert your classic wood-burning fireplace with an electric fireplace insert. Simply clean out your existing fireplace, be sure you have an electrical outlet nearby, and slide your new insert right in. You may wish to consult an electrician or general contractor to ensure you have the proper electrical outlet for your fireplace.

Are ClassicFlame Electric Fireplace Inserts Worth It?

ClassicFlame built-in electric fireplaces can heat a room faster and more efficiently than a classic fireplace. Or you can turn off the heat and just enjoy the flames. They are also safer and cleaner than wood-burning fireplaces. They stand by themselves as a style-making statement in any room of the house.