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Dimplex Fireplace TV Stands

About Dimplex Fireplace TV Stands

As a leader in the electric fireplace industry, Dimplex creates unmatched realism, style, and quality in their fireplaces. Combine all that with a TV console and you have a multi-tasking piece of furniture that transforms your space.

Do Fireplace TV Stands Damage TVs?

Electric fireplaces do not produce excessive heat and will not damage anything in or on your fireplace TV console. They use either a heat coil or an infrared system powered by electricity to produce heat. All heating elements are contained and do not make the housing hot enough to damage any items you place in the unit.

Are Dimplex Fireplace TV Consoles Realistic?

Dimplex is well known for its technology that produces some of the most realistic flame effects on the market. The use of 3D effects like depth, lighting, water vapor, etc. create a flame that will have you doing a double take.