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Duraflame Infrared Space Heaters

About Duraflame Space Heater

For simple supplemental heating, a portable space heater does the job well. Advanced infrared technology powers these little heaters that produce supplemental warmth for areas up to 1,000 square feet. An easy o adjust digital thermostat makes it simple to set the desired temperature of your space, while the unit does the rest of the work, ensuring a consistent temperature level.

How Does a Duraflame Space Heater Work?

Infrared heat is a more efficient form of heating that will not dry out the air like traditional heaters, in fact it works with the natural humidity within your room to maintain a comfortable atmosphere.

Is It Safe to Leave a Duraflame Space Heater on Overnight?

These modern space heaters are very safe and can be left on and unsupervised for periods of time. Duraflame space heaters feature automatic shutoff, cool-touch exterior, thermostat controls that adjust automatically, remote control, etc. for safe operation.