Picture this: you wake up on a sunny Saturday morning, fueled by equal parts coffee and enthusiasm for summer. The air is buzzing with the promise of transformation as you survey your humble abode and think: what can I improve this weekend?

Now is the time to take the hammer by the handle and turn your weekend into a blockbuster renovation montage! It’s not just about adding value to your home (although that’s a nice perk), but about unleashing your inner creativity and making your space truly your own.

Whether you’re a seasoned DIY expert or you’re considering home improvement for the very first time, there are countless projects you can do in two days or less. Here are 20 easy weekend home improvement projects to spruce up your space:


Create a gallery wall - Gather your favorite artwork, photographs, and frames to create a stunning gallery wall display on a blank wall. Arrange your new gallery in a fun, eye-catching pattern by varying small and large pieces.


Upgrade cabinet hardware - Replace old, outdated, worn-out handles and knobs with new ones to instantly update the look of your kitchen or furniture.


Install a new backsplash - Give your kitchen or bathroom a fresh look by installing a stylish backsplash. Opting for peel-and-stick tiles is low cost and can be easily completed in an afternoon!



Electric fireplace with stone surround in a bright living room with brick accents.



Add fireplace accessories - If your fireplace is lacking luster and life, adding surrounding accessories will make it more of a focal point. Accessories like fireplace screens, andirons, doors, and other tools are all great options for enhancing the overall look.


Create a DIY headboard - Transform your bedroom by crafting a unique headboard using reclaimed wood, fabric, or even an old door. Look around an antique shop and think of the items you can use to make a one-of-a-kind headboard.


Add floating shelves - Install floating shelves in your living room or bathroom to display decorative trinkets, books, or plants.



Large living room with stone accents and a linear electric fireplace.



Install a ceiling fan - Beat the heat and improve the air circulation by adding a breezy ceiling fan to any room of your house. Especially during summer, this simple addition will be a real luxury.


Refresh your front door - Give your entryway a facelift by repainting your front door a bold color that compliments your home’s exterior. Add a wreath or floral feature to make your door the prettiest on the street.


Update your fireplace with a new electric log set - If your fireplace is lacking personality, adding a new electric insert or log set may do the trick to turn it into a true showstopper. They are easy to install, can suit any style, and vary in size.



Stone electric fireplace in a living room with big windows and wood coffee table in the foreground.



Organize your closets - If your closets are a total mess, don’t worry – we’ve been there, too! In the span of a weekend, you can miraculously maximize storage space by donating unwanted clothing and installing closet organizers, such as shelves, rods, and racks.


Replace old light fixtures - Upgrade outdated light fixtures with modern options to instantly improve the look and feel of any room. You can even opt for innovative styles like dimmable fixtures, ones with adjustable directionality, or smart lighting.


Create a DIY herb garden - Make the most of unused vertical space (such as a balcony or kitchen wall) by building a small herb garden and filling it with herbs you regularly cook with, like basil, thyme, or mint.


White bathroom with black framed shower doors.


Install a water-saving showerhead - Save water and reduce your utility bills by replacing your showerhead with a low-flow option. Many water-saving fixtures are now luxuriously high-tech, which will make for a cool upgrade to your bathroom.


Design a DIY fire pit - In need of a new hangout spot for summer? Build a cozy outdoor gathering area by constructing a fire pit in your backyard using stones or bricks. Or simply add a firepit or fire table to the patio from our sister brand, Mantel Direct.


Hang a statement mirror - Add depth and style to any room by hanging a large, decorative mirror (or several!) on a blank wall. Mirrors make a room look exponentially bigger and can help to brighten a space by reflecting natural light.



Large room with big windows and a black grand piano.



Swap out your shower curtain - Give your bathroom an immediate makeover by swapping out your old shower curtain for one with a fresh, contemporary design.


Create a reading nook - Transform an underutilized corner into a charming reading nook by adding a comfy chair, small bookshelf, and soft lighting. After all, we deserve a cozy little place like this to enjoy a good cup of Joe in the mornings!


Upgrade your window treatments - If your blinds are bent and broken or your curtains seem like they were made in a different century, it’s time to replace them! Revamping your window treatments can instantly add a touch of style and elegance to any room.


Refresh your staircase - Give your staircase a new look by painting the steps, adding a runner or carpeting, or replacing the existing railing.


Build a storage bench - Craft a functional storage solution by constructing a bench with built-in compartments or drawers. You can place the bench at the end of your bed, in your laundry room, or even in your entryway and use it for extra seating.

There you have it – 20 quick and stress-free weekend home improvement projects to inspire your inner DIY guru! Pick just one or tackle a few, and let your creativity shine as you put your personal stamp onto the various spaces in your home.

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