Love the look of a built-in fireplace, but aren’t in love with doing a demolition? A little creativity and you’ll be able to get the fireplace you want without the requirement of major structural changes to your home.

Here are some ideas to achieve a built-in look without demolition.

Large living space with linear fireplace built in to a concrete column.

Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace

Opt for a semi-recessed electric fireplace that sits inside the wall only as much as you want it to. For instance, if you have a four-inch-deep wall but don’t want to go full demo, only recess it a couple of inches. You’ll get the look of a built-in without the full remodel.

Top Pick
Amantii Symmetry is a semi-flush mount fireplace with substantial surround trim. It doesn’t require any other surround so it’s ideal for minimal designs. It is wifi compatible for smart connectivity.

Cozy living space with built-in linear electric fireplace in a black paneled bump out.

Slim Profile Fireplace

A slim wall mounted fireplace can be hung on a wall just like you would hang a piece of art. But the slim depth makes it feel as if it was recessed or semi-recessed. Slim profiles are close to 4 inches deep and give the illusion of the look you want.

Top Pick
Dimplex Multi-Fire Slim has a shallow depth and can sit flush to the wall with only 2x4 framing. It can also be mounted directly to the wall.

White living room with white corner fireplace and electric firebox.

Corner Fireplace

If space allows, consider installing a corner fireplace. These units are designed to fit snugly into a corner of the room, minimizing the need for any modifications to the wall. Most designs feature a fully recessed firebox so you get a built-in look without making holes in the walls.

Top Pick
The Real Flame Chateau is a classic wood surround fireplace with stately mantel and square firebox. It fits snugly into the corner and brightens up even the dimmest corners of a space. Available in various colors.

Bedroom with built in electric fireplace in a bump out configuration.

Fireplace Insert in Existing Firebox

Look for a fireplace insert that can be placed directly into an existing fireplace opening or recessed alcove. These inserts often run on gel fuel or electric power, so they don’t need a chimney or ventilation. They can also be easily removed or relocated as needed.

Top Pick
The Dimplex Revillusion has a herringbone brick interior with thin black trim around the outside. It’s a perfect addition for a minimalist design.

Living room with built-in bookshelves and a built-in fireplace with wood mantel and brick firebox.

Bump Out

Build a section jutting out from the wall to place your fireplace in. Instead of demo-ing you’ll be adding the needed housing for the recessed fireplace without touching existing walls. This also makes the fireplace stand out as a major feature of the room.

Top Picks
Modern Ember Uptown is packed with charm. A brick masonry-look interior and crisp trim in black allows this fireplace insert to stand out as the center of your living space.

Neutral living room with white built-in look fireplace and surround.

Fireplace Mantel Package

Create a fireplace using a mantel, surround, and electric fireplace insert. Build a recessed alcove or use an existing nook in the wall to house the fireplace insert, then frame it with a mantel and surround to create the illusion of a built-in fireplace.

Top Pick
Modern Ember Patton is the complete package with fireplace, surround, mantel, and hearth included in the kit. The contemporary poplar wood mantel surround enhances a well-appointed space with coziness and ambiance.

Creating a built-in fireplace look without demolition offers homeowners a range of innovative solutions to enhance their living spaces with warmth and ambiance. The possibilities are as varied as they are stylish. By embracing a little creativity, homeowners can achieve the cozy atmosphere of a fireplace without the need for extensive renovation, making it easier than ever to transform any room into a welcoming retreat.


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