The television has become the focal point and communal gathering space for many people; whether you're catching up on the nightly news, watching your favorite shows and movies with your family, or playing the latest video games, more and more of our time is spent in this space. With all the attention our flat screens are receiving, many families have enhanced their room with a beautiful piece of furniture: an Electric Fireplace TV & Media Stand.

These units serve all functional purposes by offering media storage and integrated cable management, but also provide a beautiful, inviting, and cozy electric fireplace to create a relaxed environment in the room. With design styles that range from traditional to contemporary, and various sizes, you'll have no problem selecting the perfect Electric Fireplace Entertainment Center for your home and needs.

Corner vs. Wall Placement

Take the following into consideration when determining the best TV stand & its position in your room.


How large of a TV are you trying to accommodate with your media stand? We suggest that the width of the TV does not extend more than 1 inch over the edges of the cabinet. This is for safety reasons as there is less chance the TV will be bumped and accidentally knocked over. Corner units cannot always accommodate larger TV's simply because of the confines of the two walls. Additionally keep in mind that the majority of console electric fireplaces are rated for an approximate 150 lb. - 200 lb. weight limit.


Depending on the size of your room as well as the amount of available “free space”, you may need to consider a corner unit. Corner units are great space saving solutions since the majority of the time the corners of a room are left open and unused. Additionally, most corner fireplaces can be converted to a standard wall unit that allows you to rearrange your room down the road or grow as you do if you move to a larger home. If you have plenty of room, a standard wall unit easily accommodates all your needs and you'll also have a wider selection of options to choose from.


Determine how many electronic components and accessories you will need for your TV. Will you have a cable box, DVD player, stereo system, and gaming consoles? Would you like to display pictures or decorations? Once you know how much available storage space you'll require, you can single down the size and features you'll need for your stand.

What Type of Heater Should You Choose?

Depending on your climate and specific needs, you'll need to determine if you require a 400 Sf. Ft. heater or a 1,000 sq. ft. heater.


Traditional fan-forced heaters utilize a heated coil that heats up while a fan blows the warmed air outwards into the room. This method is effective at warming most sized rooms (400 sq. ft.) with supplemental heat to take the chill out of a room. Keep in mind this form of heat can dry out the air and natural humidity within a room, so you may experience minor respiratory issues if you are highly sensitive or have existing medical conditions.


Using advanced Infrared Quartz Tube technology, these heaters produce more supplemental warmth than traditional units (up to 1,000 sq. ft.). Acting much like the sun, infrared technology heats objects and not just the air in the room. This ensures a more balanced and even heating pattern. Additionally, infrared technology works with the natural humidity of your room without depleting it, so you don't have to worry about drying out the air in your home. This form of heat is also highly energy efficient and more effectively maintains a constant room temperature for maximum comfort.

Learn More About Infrared Heating


Choose a Design for Your TV/Media Electric Fireplace Console


If your home has a more classic design scheme you'll likely want to choose a traditionally styled media console. With beautiful, rich stains, decorative embellishments and subtle accents, traditional is perfect for those that want a timeless appeal for their furniture. The very root of the word means enduring and unchanged, so by selecting this style you'll ensure your piece will stand the test of time and any trending design fads. These types of pieces work great for many years and often times are transitional between spaces and homes should you move.


For those that define their personal style as more bold and modern, a contemporary designed entertainment center is likely the best choice for you. These units usually feature sleek lines, high gloss finishes, tinted glass, and painted surfaces. Oftentimes, the electric fireplace inserts are of a more linear design and feature glass ember beds rather than traditional wood. If you are willing to take a leap and make a strong, design-forward statement, then contemporary electric fireplace media consoles are where you should start your search.

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