Many customers become interested in choosing an electric heater for a bedroom for sake of convenience. It’s getting to be that time of year again—that time when you sniffles and coughs seem to trouble everyone in the household, especially the children.  It’s also that time of year when many homeowners become distressed as they watch their heating bills soar. 

Like any other room in the home, a child’s room can quickly become chilly in the fall or winter month, and that chilly room could result in a sick or grumpy child due a break in sleep patterns. The expense of keeping your children healthy can be clearly read in the monthly heating bill. 

But, there is hope. Selecting a small, portable electric heater is an easy, safe and cost-effective decision for any homeowner, especially a homeowner with children, for several reasons.

Heat Strategically

Two words: Zone heating. Following this method, a homeowner can strategically heat their home in the areas that need it the most. The idea is that by heating a room that is used most often by the family, like the living room, with a portable heater, a homeowner can simply turn off their home thermostat and watch as the heating bill decreases in price each month. 

Heat Conveniently

An electric heater can be easily stored away during warmer months, and most brands have casters on the bottom of the unit so you can easily roll the heater to the room where it is needed the most.

Heat Stylishly

A heater should not take away from the décor in a room, nor should the owner feel like the heater needs to be tucked neatly into a corner. The free-standing stoves available through Electric Fireplaces Direct come in an array of styles with several key features to set it apart.

Heat Safely

Children, especially young children, have a habit of getting into a lot of things that they probably shouldn’t. Luckily, all the electric stoves on our site are child-friendly because the outside grill and surrounding faces of the stove will remain cool to the touch. Some heaters, like the Duraflame Colby Portable Infrared Heater (LINK), are available without the flame effect option, so a child won’t be distracted by the flame features and tempted to play with any of the features on the unit.

Heat Smartly

Once again, it seems like the Colby Infrared Heater is the idea choice for families with children. Homeowners can expect to get a real deal with the air purifying system installed in the unit and the three-year warranty included with the unit as well. 

This year, don’t run up the heating bills in an attempt to keep the family healthy and happy, instead, consider purchasing an electric heater. With the range of styles and special features, there’s sure to be a perfect one for any family.

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