An attractive addition to any home or office, a wall mounted electric fireplace provides a mesmerizing bed of glowing embers with a realistic flame effect. Nearly all models include a gentle source of supplemental heat that can be operated independently of the flame.

With being electric, this type of fireplace can simply be plugged into an electrical outlet and is instantly ready to use and enjoy. All electric fireplace types are also safe to use; each is tested to make sure it meets UL standards and is thermostatically controlled.

From traditional fireplaces to electrical alternatives, it's important that customers choose the right fireplace model for their needs and their home. 

Why Choose an Electric Fireplace?

A wall mounted electric fireplace or a small electric fireplace can be the best choice for individuals who have limited space or want to add modern and homey ambiance to their home or office. They offer attractive looks and yes, (if you choose), even provide supplemental or zone heat when the weather turns cold.

Accommodation For All Space And Budget Requirements

Whether an individual's living space or business is small or large, homeowners should consider their available square footage first. All electric fireplaces units are especially great add-ons to spaces like condominiums, lofts, apartments, single family homes, or offices. 

How to Choose the Right Electrical Fireplace Design For You (& Your Home)

Treat any electrical fireplace as an architectural feature in or outside your house that adds the character of a traditional firepalce experience, but with a modern twist.

With so many designs, homeowners can have fun customizing what parts, materials, colors, and overall aesthetic they want in their dream electric fireplace. From the outside looks to the inner technology convenience (and overall affordability), here are four key (and tailor-to-your-liking) benefits you can enjoy from an electric fireplace all your own.

1.  Electric Fireplaces Express Your Style & Personality 

Whether looking for a rustic look or something more contemporary or eclectic, customers get to choose electric fireplace finishes ranging from polished or brushed stainless steel, chrome or gun metal down to stone, wood or mirrored glass. Color options are available in black, white, and red. No matter the design, there's a look for every décor style.

2.  Electric Fireplaces Fit Seamlessly Into Any Room

The hottest question to consider with an electric fireplace is: what's your type? Depending on the space of a room, you can choose from a wall hanging electric fireplace, a freestanding corner fireplace, or a recessed built-in electric fireplace. No matter which type you choose, an electric fireplace provides four season capabilities and can be operated with or without the quiet heater turned on.

3.  Electric Fireplaces Give You a (Cozy) Space

No matter what type you choose, an electric fireplace is an attractive, space saving supplemental heat source that is great for heating the rooms that are constantly used by the entire family (rather than heating the entire house). Each unit provides approximately 5000 BTUs per hour of heat by using a quiet fan to force the heat generated by the alternative fireplace into the room.

4.  Electric Fireplaces Save You Money

A wall mounted electric fireplace is not only a great space saving accompaniment to any décor, but it is economical, too. The patented flame technology allows an individual to enjoy the ambience of a real fire for 3 cents per hour without the heater on and about 8-12 cents per hour with the flame and heating element operating.

Want A Modern Touch? Try A Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Fireplaces have been a staple of homes for thousands of years. They have cooked our food, provided heat during colder seasons and have added a cozy touch to our lives. The design of traditional fireplaces hasn't changed a great deal for centuries. Why not modernize an old medium with new (and stress-free) technology? Imagine flipping on the flames with the touch of a button!

If you are into the entertainment and ease of wall-mounted televisions and digital picture frames, wall mounted electric fireplaces may be for you. With no ventilation requirements, wall mounted electric fireplaces are inexpensive to operate and easy to install. It's no question they provide a low-cost focal point (and ambiance boost) to any room in the house. 

Still Want Tradition (& Have Tight Spaces)? Try A Small Electric Fireplace

While a wall mount fireplace is a modern way to introduce a focal point, a small electric fireplace is also a great choice, especially if you prefer a more traditional look. It is the perfect solution for homeowners who want to install a fireplace in a tight space, but don't want to compromise on the heat output. 

Each small electric fireplace unit produces the same amount of heat as their larger counterparts yet come in condensed space saving designs. They can also be operated with or without the heater.

A small electric fireplace can be plugged into any 120 volt electrical outlet, and most units come with remote control capabilities.

Either/Or: A Small or Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Should Fit Your Lifestyle

Maybe you're not sure whether you want (or need) a wall mounted electric fireplace or a small electric fireplace. For anyone deciding to go the electric route, choosing the best alternative fireplace model is an important decision that should not only physically and aesthetically fit into your home, but it should fit your lifestyle. Here a few broad ways to think about either electric fireplace option:

A wall mount electric fireplace is the ideal solution for individuals who have little floor space and who want to add a modern touch to their home or office. In the technological world in which we live, a wall mount fireplace doubles as an eye-catching design and supply of zone heating when necessary. 

For individuals who want to add the cozy touch of a traditional fireplace but live in tight quarters, a small electric fireplace is the perfect solution without compromising on the heat output.


No matter what style or size you choose, an electric fireplace offers year-round charm, safety, quick on/off ease, and even heat (if you add on the right heating solution). Find the right wall mounted or small electric fireplace for you and your residence at Electric Fireplaces Direct.


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