One of the most common questions we get is how to design a room with both a TV and a fireplace. There are many considerations from layout – if they are both the same size, will it look weird if they are both the focal point? To safety- what is an acceptable distance apart for fire concerns?

Let us break it down for you, but if you have specific questions, our customer service reps are always available to help via phone, email or live chat.


Should a TV be mounted beside a fireplace or above it? The answer is it depends on your space and the size of your pieces. If you’re mounting them side-by-side, aim to get the top of the TV to line up with the top of the mantel so you have one continuous visual line. Similarly, if you’re mounting then horizontally, try to get the widths to line up.

If your TV and fireplace aren’t the same size, one way to offset the difference is to add floating shelves or side cabinets for asymmetrical balance. One major consideration should always be viewing height; you want your TV to be at a level that’s comfortable to watch for the length of a movie or sporting event without having to strain your eyes or crane your neck.

A nice way to create an art element out of your TV is to add a frame box around it or enclosed cabinetry so you can hide the screen when not in use. If you don’t already have a fireplace, a combined electric fireplace media console is a great way to kill two birds with one stone.


Before you decide where to put your electric fireplace and TV, you’ll need to make sure there are ample electrical outlets and cable connections nearby.

The same goes for venting if you have a gas or wood chimney. Having to install wiring or a venting system after the fact can cost hundreds of dollars at a minimum and even more if they have to cut through stone or a material other than drywall.


Many often wonder if a TV is at risk for melting or heat damage if it’s mounted too close to a fireplace. With an electric fireplace, it’s unlikely if you leave at least a few feet in between the two, but in areas where the temperature can get to more than 90 degrees, it’s recommended to hang a thermostat above the wall where you want your TV to go, light the logs and test it out. It’s always a good idea to double check with your TV manufacturer for any specific clearances needed for your electrical components.

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