It’s no secret that fireplaces make any space cooler and with advances in electric, vent-free and biofuel we’re turning the idea of a standard living room mantel on it’s head.

Modern design commands interesting shapes, fixtures and unique installations. Up your interior with hanging fireplaces, tabletop flames, and a little ambiance to boot. Clean-burning and aesthetically pleasing, if you’re in need of a room upgrade, look no further.

While we don’t specifically carry all these products or manufacturers, they are too cool not to pay tribute to. If you like these looks, we are happy to find you a similar style that will look great in any home.

Cocoon Fireplaces

With a shape that resembles a circular casing made by caterpillars, Cocoon Fireplaces are a type of ventless fireplaces that use clean Denatured Ethanol to burn.

Perfect for apartments, condos or small spaces, these ceiling dwellers are stunningly chic and modern. Environmentally friendly and decorative, your room will never look the same.

Fire Ribbons by Spark

Another unique vent-free product, Fire Ribbons are offered in double-sided models so you can see the flame effect from multiple angles.

A perfect room divider, these sleek, stylish modular boxes burn clean and linearly and can be accented with moonstone, glass, lavastone, or pebbles in a variety of colors to create virtually any effect.

OptiMyst Models by Dimplex

One line we definitely do carry is the Optimyst by Dimplex, industry leading electric fireplace technology. One model, the asymmetrical Brayden OptiMyst Wall Mount is a stunning piece for the bedroom or hallway with distinct European-inspired design, a white rock fire and a contemporary black and gray frame.

Ultimate realism is achieved through lifelike 3D flames and real smoke via a hidden water reservoir. Still fairly new to the US, the Dimplex Optimyst models are statement pieces that will make you the envy of the neighborhood.

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