Are you thinking about installing a recessed electric fireplace in your home to make your favorite lounging space extra cozy? There are countless advantages to opting for an electric built-in fireplace, including that they are low maintenance, energy efficient, require no firewood, and don’t produce any harmful fumes.

As you contemplate where you’d like to install the fireplace, you need to assess the particulars of the designated wall. Most importantly, what fireplace depth can your wall accommodate? Knowing this will impact which electric fireplace model will work best in your space.

Fortunately, there are many excellent best-selling electric fireplaces that come in standard, slim, or deep depth. Here are our top recommended electric fireplace models varying by depth.


Recessed fireplace that can be viewed from two sides or two different rooms.

Best standard recessed electric fireplace models

Standard depth fireplaces are about 5-6 inches deep. That allows you to add a stone (or other) facing for a flush mount installation or a partially recessed finish on a plain wall. You can’t go wrong with this beautiful Landscape Pro Slim Electric Fireplace. The width of this model is available in various dimensions, ranging from 44 inches to 96 inches, making it a perfect choice for a simple installation that requires no extra build-outs.

Another great option in a standard depth is this Dimplex IgniteXL Electric Fireplace. Also available in a variety of widths, ranging from 50 inches to 100 inches, this model offers an incredibly realistic multi-fire flame technology as well as unique color themes and a diamond-like acrylic ice ember bed. Again, the slim profile of this fully-recessable model makes it ideal for narrow walls.

Floor level recessed fireplace with glowing electric logs.

Best slim recessed electric fireplace models

If you’d like a fully recessed (flush mounted) fireplace and you have 2-inch by 4-inch stud walls, it’s probably best to choose an electric fireplace that has a slim depth. These have the narrowest profile at just under 4 inches.

This Amantii TruView Slim Linear Electric Fireplace is a wise choice, offering a clean and seamless design with three-sided viewing. Since it is only 4 inches deep, this model can be flush mounted without restrictions, making it both versatile and quick to set up.

A second option is this Dimplex Mutli-Fire Slim Electric Fireplace. The model’s shallow depth allows you to install a stylish fireplace where space is limited, as it sits flush into 2-inch x 4-inch framing. You can also opt for an easy wall mount installation of this model since a bracket is included. Plus, the beauty of this particular model is that it can be personalized to match any style or intended ambiance, as the flame colors, flame speeds, ember bed colors, and brightness settings can all be adjusted.

Extra wide linear electric fireplace recessed into the wall at mid height.

Best deep electric fireplace models

Deep electric fireplace models are meant to show off that depth. They often have glass sides so you can view the flames from three sides. Plan to build out something special for this type of fireplace so you can showcase all its aspects.

This stunning Dimplex IgniteXL Bold Smart Linear Electric Fireplace can accommodate front facing, right corner, left corner, or bay installation. Featuring both acrylic crystals and natural-looking driftwood logs, this fireplace has a 16-inch viewing area, making it a show-stopping and immersive feature in any space.

Another option is this modern Amantii Panorama Series Indoor/Outdoor XT Built-In Electric Fireplace. It features a taller viewing area than most fireplaces in its class, resulting in a more immersive visual experience and enhanced flame appearance. Plus, unlike most other electric fireplaces, this unique unit can be used in both indoor and covered outdoor applications.

Now that you know which electric fireplace model is best suited depending on depth, you may have other questions – like what’s the difference between standard and infrared models? Check out some of the most frequently-asked questions about electric fireplaces, which our experts kindly answered.

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