There’s a chill in the air and all things pumpkin spice have arrived. It could only mean one thing: it’s finally fall!

Along with the changing leaves and warm drinks, fall also means that Halloween is just around the corner. It’s time you decked out your mantel to match the mood of the season. Here’s a few of our favorite spooktacular fireplace mantel décor ideas.

The Deer Head Trend

You may have noticed the deer head gaining popularity in your feeds as an item of seasonal (or year-round) decoration. Whether you go with the resin version or find the real deal, you can easily make this a spooky addition to your Halloween mantel décor.

Spread some cobwebs across the antlers and complete with a plastic spider or two. Tilt the deer head to one side for an unkempt look that adds to the spooky factor.

A fall leaf wreath, pumpkins and candles on a fireplace mantel.

Fall Leaves

A few fall leaves spread carelessly about the mantel make for a wonderful Halloween mantel scheme. Collect them yourself or get a few from the craft store. These can be repurposed throughout the fall season on the mantel and even be used for your Thanksgiving decorations.

Dried flowers and grass can be used to similar effect on the mantel. The addition of a few spooky lights or some cobwebs will amp up the Halloween vibe.


Mini pumpkins are a must for your fireplace mantel décor at Halloween. They come in classic orange, sage green, or white. You can also paint them any colors you like to go with your color palette.

Get varied sizes and colors to add a layering effect that gives depth to your mantel décor. Carry the design to the hearth or floor with some larger pumpkins. Choose different textures and shapes like warty pumpkins or Cinderella pumpkins to add further interest.


Spooky candelabras and candles on a mantel.

Candles & Spooky Lighting

Nothing does more for the Halloween mood than the right lighting. Use twinkle lights in a yellowish, orange, or red color to make it spooky. Wind them around pumpkins and dried leaves. Tuck them under cobwebs to diffuse the light and make it even more spooky.

Candles do double duty as a décor item and mood lighting. Gather assorted colors, shapes, and sizes to layer into your mantel design. Black, gold, or fall colors are excellent options. Don’t forget the candle holders too. They can add lots of ambiance to your Halloween vibe.


Make or order some paper bats and place them on the mantel and the surrounding wall so it looks like a cauldron of bats (that’s what a group of bats are called) flying past. There’s nothing better than some bats to introduce that Halloween feel to your mantel.


Bats and pumpkins over a marble mantel.

Gauze & Cobwebs

We’ve already mentioned cobwebs several times to give your spookiness a boost on the mantel. There are several types you can use, or you can keep it simple with some quilt batting. Just stretch it out over the desired areas, and voila! Spooky.

Gauze is another excellent and spooky material that gives your mantel a Halloween vibe. Think of it as mummy wrappings hanging around your mantel. Use it as part of a garland or simply hang some scraps here and there.


You might be surprised by what can become Halloween décor with a little thrift knowhow and some paint. Anything painted black will do the job. Look for Christmas village houses (the ones that light up) at your local thrift (or in your attic) and paint them black to transform them into haunted houses.

Old photographs, artwork, or books can be transformed into Halloween décor too. Once again, apply a bit of paint or cobwebs to your thrift finds and you’ve got perfect fireplace mantel décor.

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