There are many fish in the sea, but finding that special someone can be daunting. Once you’ve found your soul mate, the rest simply falls into place.

You might feel the same way about finding a fireplace. We’re here to help you discover a spark with the right fireplace. Find the right type and everything falls into place. Ready to meet your perfect match?


Electric fireplace with wood surround and mantel in a traditional style and cherry finish.

If you’re the sentimental type . . .

You love thoughtfulness, artistry, and the literary. You value the historical and swoon over the thought of an old structure being restored. The nostalgia and romance of times gone by is something you can’t resist.

Meet the Lexington infrared electric fireplace with mantel. The depth of the cherry wood finish and intricate detailing on the mantel suggests the Victorian era in all its grandeur. This traditional styling and cheery infrared heat make this a perfect match for you.



Stand alone electric stove in black in a living room.

If you love farmhouse style . . . 

There's nothing more cozy than a farmhouse and with so much emphasis on modernizing the style in the last several years, a classic wood-burning stove look is the perfect addition.

The Country Living fireplace stove features traditional styling and an infrared heater that pumps out an amazing amount of heat considering its size. It comes in a variety of colors so you can achieve that modern farmhouse vibe. The 3D flame effects allow you to adjust for brightness and color. 

Country Living


Wide white electric fireplace with wood mantel and stacked stone surround.

If you’re the committed type . . .

You are all about finding your perfect mate and settling comfortably into eternity together. Though you appreciate longevity, you’re not boring. Your relationships are interesting (but not overly dramatic). You believe in doing your research before committing to someone and then giving your all to make that love last.

Meet Canyon Heights electric fireplace with mantel. Its combination of stacked stone and clean-lined wood trims is a style that will stand the test of time. It will always look classy and traditional with a sense of rustic charm, but it also has a certain amount of flair that keeps it from being your everyday, run-of-the-mill fireplace. It also features smart technology so you can control it with your digital home assistant.

Canyon Heights


Traditional warm white mantel and surround with ornate wood detailing and an electric fireplace against a gray wall.

If you’re the romantic type . . .

You are creative, passionate, and appreciate sincerity and genuineness. Your partner probably knows better than to order an impersonal gift for you. Your heart thrives on something that requires thought and effort. Something that has meaning.

Meet the Calvert electric fireplace with mantel. It’s classically romantic in styling with floral-like scrolling details. The log bed and realistic flame effects will make you want to cuddle up by the fireplace night after night. It’s available in softer colors: Ivory or Espresso that perfectly suit your romantic tastes.



White mantel with chevron stone surround and an electric fireplace in a cozy living room. 

If you’re the independent type . . .

You’re just as confident single as you are in a relationship. You know who you are and you are comfortable with that. That means you have no problem making your own way in life, boldly and unapologetically. You have firm opinions and know what you like, which makes it easier for you to compromise with your significant other when it’s time to make decisions together. 

Meet the Torlington electric fireplace with mantel. Its clean, white mantel and simple rectangular pattern are elegant and traditional with a contemporary twist. The marble herringbone surround makes an understated statement that will keep this fireplace design fresh for years to come—the perfect way to make an independent statement.



Traditional wood mantel and surround with electric fireplace against a wood paneled wall.

If you’re the grand gesture type . . .

You appreciate the well-planned and extravagant. You’re the one who gets spectacular gifts when it's time to celebrate. Simplicity is boring to you. Though you’re tasteful, you prefer statement-making action items in your life.

Meet the Sandlin electric fireplace with mantel. It’s massive, measuring 55” high and 48” wide. The grand design features Greek styling that’s sure to stand out in your living room. The traditional ember bed and realistic flame effects make for a spectacular overall effect.



White electric stove in a small, gray living room.

If you’re the practical type . . .

You are all about getting things done, multi-tasking, and saving time. You appreciate things that are meaning-filled and purposeful. Lest others misunderstand, you aren’t opposed to romance, you’re just wooed by things that can pull double duty, like waffle irons and shingles for the house.

Meet the Duraflame 3D infrared electric fireplace stove. This little wonder has the look of a classic wood-burning stove, can heat up to 1000 square feet, and can be easily moved from room to room. Its classic styling and bronze color blend well into a variety of designs. It is well made of quality metal for excellent durability. Plus, it comes with a remote control for modern convenience.



Large living room with linear electric fireplace with gray furniture and metallic accents.

If you’re the minimalist type . . .

You like things simple and straightforward, clean and exact. You’re careful about what you choose to bring into your life. A perfect single-stemmed red rose is your ideal romantic gift.

Meet SimpliFire Allusion Platinum wall-mounted electric fireplace. This linear-style fireplace is a minimalist’s dream. It’s not too big and not too small. It has no fussy mantel, just a clean look that suits your favorite styles (hygge, midcentury modern, and Japandi).

SimpliFire Allusion Platinum