Your whole home should be a sanctuary, not just the living room or bedroom. Every space should have a unique personality that serves a purpose- relaxing, cooking, family time, etc. Define what each room’s style will be and work to build a design aesthetic that matches your plan, complete with an electric fireplace to add warmth and ambiance.


For the bedroom, if you don’t already have a built-in fireplace, a wall mounted unit would look great hanging directly across from the bed. Lull yourself to sleep with the dancing flames of a statement piece like the Dimplex Lexi or the Napoleon 39” or 60” wall mount depending on your room size.

Dining Rooms and Kitchens

For entertaining, the Dimplex Chalet Linear Wall Mount can be placed upon its base to sit atop the cabinets where plates and silverware are stored to create a dramatic focal point. Wall mounts like the 50” Dimplex Synergy are great for bigger spaces to make a huge impact. There’s nothing more romantic than dining beside the open flame, and with electric, you can choose the flame-only mode to keep the kitchen cool.

Living Rooms

The quintessential place for an electric fireplace, build an impressive mantel you can snuggle around for game or movie nights. The intricately detailed Astoria would be a beautiful addition to the living room, but if you want a combined media console / electric fireplace, the Lynwood is one of our best sellers.

Kid’s Rooms and Dorms

The iconic red or white Dimplex cube is a great solution to drafty dorm rooms. A space saving modern design, this sleek freestanding stove has a glossy finish that’s sure to attract attention.

Foyers, Hallways and Small Spaces

Forgotten nooks and crannies are great places to install interestingly shaped wall mounts like the Dimplex Convex or the Brayden. Freestanding stoves like the Celeste or Morgan Petit Foyer are also great additions for warmth and extra place to display special mementos.

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