There’s no place like home, especially when you’re cuddled up next to a warm and cozy fire watching a movie with a nice cup of tea. After not experiencing many changes or innovations for hundreds of years, fireplace technology has rapidly evolved in the past few decades thanks to improved electric fireplace models.

Not only do electric fireplaces come with a host of advantages for homeowners, but some of the latest models also feature some truly impressive cutting-edge technologies. No longer are electric fireplaces simply admired for their easy on-off functionality; now, technology is taking their appeal to a whole new level. Just like touch-screen mirrors or motorized curtains, home technologies are getting smarter (and cooler!) every year – so why shouldn’t our fireplaces follow suit? 

Let’s take a look at advancements in electric fireplace technology.


Electric fireplace with wood mantel and remote controlled functionality.

Ultra-realistic virtual flames

That’s right – the second technology that’s taking the world of electric fireplaces by storm is available in this Orion Multi Heliovision Linear Electric Fireplace, which offers a different technology than you’ve probably ever seen before in that it feigns the look of real flames with ultra-realistic virtual ones instead. 

What’s so great about virtual flames? Well, for one, this technology makes it possible to totally customize the experience and ambiance created by the flames, as you can choose between three patterns (wood, hybrid, or gas) and six colors (yellow, orange, blue, green, purple, or white). This advanced technology essentially uses screens to project recorded video images of real flames, maintaining a lifelike quality that’s ultimately safer than wood or gas fires.


Linear electric fireplace in a white brick hearth with long wood mantel overhead.

Remote management via Wi-Fi

It’s safe to say that electric fireplaces have made traditional fireplace upkeep – like cleaning soot, cutting wood, and stoking the flames – entirely outmoded. In fact, electric models have eliminated the need to ever get up from your chair to change the intensity or turn the flames on or off thanks to the advanced technology technology of remote management via Wi-Fi. 

Models like this Aerus Smart Linear Electric Fireplace are smart-enabled, meaning you can conveniently operate the fireplace remotely as long as you are in Wi-Fi range. All you have to do is download an app to control the full range of features from anywhere in your home. To take things one step further, this model also allows you to sync your fireplace with Amazon’s Echo/Alexa or Google’s AlexaHome and operate the fireplace using voice control. 

Thanks to this incredible technology, you’ll never have to worry that you didn’t turn your fireplace off, as you can always check on its status from the convenience of your phone, no matter where you are in the house.


Large linear fireplace in a cement wall with high-tech flame technology.

Opti-Myst smoke illusion

For those craving the most realistic, attractive replacement for a gas or wood fireplace that still has a true burning-wood feel, a third technology that’s available in Dimplex electric models is the Opti-Myst insert. Models like this Opti-Myst Linear fireplace are designed to offer the utmost realism with a special technology that uses water vapor to elicit a one-of-a-kind smoke illusion. 

Through a cutting-edge ultrasonic method, the patented Opti-Myst technology activates a fine mist of water to create the look of smoke. As the mist journeys through the logs, warm light is emitted which reflects against the water, resulting in a 3D illusion of smoke that’s often mistaken for the real thing. With this unique technology, the illusion that’s created truly rivals a real fire with the same smoky ambiance as a traditional wood-burning model.


3-D flame technology electric fireplace in a brick surround.


This technology adds a 3-dimensional effect to create even more realistic-looking burning patterns. A clear acrylic panel is installed within the firebox where video flames are projected to produce an appearance of flame coming from within and between the logs rather than from the back.

Get it in the Dimplex Revillusion series of electric fireplaces and log sets. This series offers all kinds of options from brick or concrete firebox looks to different types of logs and ember beds. 


Three sided fireplace in a peninsula wall.

Multi-Sided Viewing

Enjoy your fireplace from more angles with a multi-sided fireplace. These fireplaces offer not only the front view of the fire, but one or two sides as well. It adds depth and more design possibilities, especially for contemporary or Mid-Century Modern designs.

Choose from dozens of models in sizes from under 20” up to 70”+. Multiple height units are available too. You’ll find your favorite brands and features, like flame color and brightness selection, changeable media beds, high-end flame technology, and smart (wifi enabled) units.

Linear electric fireplace with full frame around the outside placed in a white wall.

Full-Framed “Floating” Wall Mount

Few fireplaces stand alone. Many include mantels, hearths, and other types of framing. The Format Floating Mantel wall mount electric fireplace rolls that all up into one in this stylistic and functional contemporary marvel. It “floats” on the wall as a complete unit. No additional shopping required. No construction. Just hang it on the wall. The modern styling is practically a piece of art in and of itself. Combine it with a TV or piece of art mounted on the wall above to complete the design.

In addition to the cutting-edge design, it features external, customizable lighting and multiple flame colors. Choose from a ShadowGlo Alpine Timber log set or acrylic crystals for the ember bed. Can be used year round with or without heat.

Large linear electric fireplace with full spectrum color flames in a living room with natural stone mantel.

Full Spectrum RGB Flames

Electric fireplace flame technology has come a long way. Today’s models feature everything from water vapor to digital projections. Now full-spectrum RGB flames have arrived on the scene. They have the full spectrum of color options so you can adjust the flame color to be anything you want.

The Dimplex IgniteXL Bold smart linear electric fireplace has app-controlled flames that feature Multi-Fire XD for brighter, natural looking flames that are multi layered for more depth. Ambient light features automatically adjust the firebox light to maintain the same level of lighting even as the room light changes. Available in sizes up to 100 inches wide for dramatic emphasis.

Now that you know what the latest innovations are in electric fireplace technology, check out some of our best tried-and-tested fireplaces.

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