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ClassicFlame Wall Mount Fireplaces

About ClassicFire Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces

ClassicFlame electric fireplaces are designed for efficiency, safety, and style, delivering you best-in-class functionality with serious elegance. ClassicFlame's hypnotic 3D flame effect technology allows the flexibility of customizing the speed, color, and brightness level of your fireplace ambiance. The wall-mounted electric fireplaces can be recessed or enjoyed with their slim profile exposed.

Heating with a Wall Mount Electric Fireplace from ClassicFlame

Savor the soothing benefits of ClassicFlame's infrared quartz heating element that preserves the moisture in the air while simultaneously enjoying the peace of mind that ClassicFlame's SaferPlug Fire Prevention technology is keeping you and your loved ones safe and secure. For an instant home upgrade that provides years of beautiful fireplace atmosphere, shop ClassicFlame.

Can You Put an Electric Fireplace on the Wall?

Placing an electric fireplace on the wall is much like hanging a piece of art. It can simply be hung on any wall, anywhere in the house. It is safe and easy to install and can even be recessed into the wall for a flush mounting.